Іноземному студенту

Preparatory Department for foreign citizens and stateless persons

Правила прийому іноземних громадян на підготовче відділення

Навчання іноземців



Odessa Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics trains students for branch of knowledge 07 “Management and Administration”

Educational-qualification level “Bachelor”

Day-time department


– 071 “Accounting and Taxation”

– 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”

– 073 “Management”, specialization “Management of Enterprises”

– 051 “Economics”, specialization “Economics of Enterprise”

– 053 “Philology”, specialization “Interpretation – Foreign language”

Correspondence department

– 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”

Educational-qualification level Master


– 071 “Accounting and Taxation”

– 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”

The Institute invites foreign citizens on training for day-time and correspondence departments

Departments in the structure of the Institute:

Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance

Department of Economic Theories

Department of Accounting and Taxation

Department of Applied Economics

Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

Department of Foreign Languages



Graduates of the Institute can work:

  • in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Treasury and the State Tax Administration;
  • in state control and auditing services;
  • in economic planning, managerial, research and development spheres;
  • in auditor services;
  • as managers of financial and economic units;
  • as managers and specialists of enterprises of different forms of ownership;
  • as experts in specialized factoring, leasing, investment companies, real estate agencies, broker and dealer organizations, banks and other government agencies that regulate the financial market;
  • as chiefs of customs, managers of the State Customs Service, state councillors of customs service, inspectors of customs statistics, analysts of customs value control and nomenclature, sector specialists of controlling over movement of goods, brokers, customs carriers, export/import inspectors and etc.


The Institute has modern conditions for successful training and meaningful recreational activities: a comfortable hostel, a convenient transport interchange, sports sections, student dining room “Shkvarka”. Training at the faculty is carried out according to the latest techniques in the classrooms with the most advanced equipment. The departments have computer classes, equipped with modern computer and organizational equipment. Students have the opportunity to work in local computer networks and in the World Wide Web.

   Student hostel for 456 students

The gym of the Institute

The weight room of the Institute


Student canteen

The great hall of the Institute


Our Address:

65070, Odesa, Inglezi str., 4-6 (25 Chapaev Division str., 4-6)

Phone number: +38 (048) 715-43-62, +38 (048) 715-43-63, +38 (0482) 37-13-34

+38 (063) 944-23-64


Facebоok: www.facebook.com/otei.odessa.ua/